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Smart Heating Controls in Staffordshire & CheshireAt Mere End we recognize the increasing growth of the domestic Smart Heating Controls market and its importance to the energy conscious homeowner.

Covering Staffordshire & Cheshire we install controls from many leading manufacturers, in particular Honeywell’s wireless ‘Connected’ range of controls.  Mere End are an approved Honeywell installer with the prestigious ‘Connected Specialist’ status.


What does Smart Control mean to you?

Honeywell produce a number of smart heating controls from entry-level single zone to fully-fledged multi zone applications enabling you to set the time and temperature in every room in the home.  Smart control means you are always in charge of your home heating and domestic hot water wherever you are.

control your heating with the honeywell appSmart controls have the ability to ‘optimise’ your comfort by learning exactly how long your property takes to heat up activating the boiler at just the right time to make sure your heating and hot water is at the perfect temperature.

Smart controls that you can operate remotely with your smart device no matter where you are in the world, and even controls that know when you are returning home and switch on your heating automatically!  Recent Apple Siri and Amazon Eco integration meant that you can also give verbal instructions to your controller.


The benefits of Smart Control

It’s a fact……. 82% of the energy used in the home is used by your heating and hot water system. Reduce your heating bills by installing effective room-by-room controls for more control, comfort and efficiency.

Independent studies carried out by the The Association of Controls Manufacturers (TACMA) shows that the typical home owner can save up to 40% on their heating costs by using room thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves.


We are here to help

Honeywell Evohome thermostats can be tailored to suit just about any home.  Due to their unique modular design, the control systems can grow with your home giving you greater control, comfort and energy savings.

For further details on the Honeywell Evohome Smart Heating Control system, follow one of our installations.

Mere End Consultants are renowned as specialists in the Smart Heating Control field covering the Staffordshire & Cheshire areas, and have been asked to provide an installation guide by Pham News on how important and efficient it is to install such controls in your home.

We are happy to carry out detailed home surveys to ensure our customers are offered the best free-of-charge advice on the controls available and their specific use in their home – we are here to help, contact us today!


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