• BOOK A GREEN DEAL ASSESSMENTRegister your interest in the Green Deal today »
  • BOILER REPLACEMENTSave up to £310 a year by installing a new boiler »
  • SOLAR CALCULATORFind out how much you can save by using our solar calculator »
  • SOLAR PANELSGenerate free energy for your property with solar panels »
  • AIR & GROUND SOURCE HEAT PUMPSHeat your home using renewable energy sources »
  • SOLAR THERMALUse the sun's rays to heat your water using solar thermal »
  • GREEN DEAL ASSESSMENTSEnergy efficiency advice to upgrade your property »
  • SMART HEATING CONTROLControl your home's heating with Smart Heating Controls »
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Solar panels, Solar thermal, Air & Ground source heat pumps, Boiler replacement and Green Deal in the UK with Mere End Consultants.

Mere End Consultants based on the North Staffordshire / South Cheshire border are Green Deal Approved and provide energy efficiency products and services to help UK households cut the cost of their energy bills. From Solar panels and Solar thermal to Air & Ground source heat pumps and free Boiler replacement, Mere End Consultants are qualified to conduct Green Deal Assessments and Smart Heating Controls.


Energy saving products & Services

solar panels by Mere End Consultants

Solar panels »

Cut your electricity bills by generating your own energy using solar panels.

solar thermal by Mere End Consultants

Solar thermal »

Solar water heating systems use the sun to heat your domestic hot water.

Air and ground source heat pumps by Mere End Consultants

Air & Ground source heat pumps »

Heat your home using air or the ground’s energy.

Boiler replacement by Mere End Consultants

Boiler replacement »

Upgrading to an A-rated condensing boiler could save you up to £310 a year.

Green Deal Assessments by Mere End Consultants

Green Deal Assessment »

Green Deal Assessments suggest energy efficiency upgrades to your property.

Smart Heating Controls

Smart Heating Controls »

Control your homes heating and bills with Honeywell Smart Heating Controls.

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Use our solar calculator to work out how much you could earn with the Feed-in Tariff

Our solar calculator will provide you with an unbiased representation of the potential payback you could earn from Solar PV.

The Government's Feed-in Tariff scheme provides you with payment for the energy you generate whether you use it or not.

Plus... the energy you don't use will be sold back to the grid earning you even more.

solar calculator